Rock Solid

Rock Solid

Rock Solid is our evangelistic resource that reaches out to 11-14s who don't follow Jesus in your community. Our heart is to encourage young people to explore questions of faith and we upload incredible new material each term.

This term in Rock Solid

Rock Solid

That's right, it's time for the Autumn 2019 material!

This term you'll find two amazing series alongside a whole bunch of one offs. We have the 'Survival Guide' series looking at nifty wisdom for young people's lives whilst 'Odd One Out?' looks at relationships fitting in. As for our incredible one offs? Well, we have our termly parable as well as sessions on Christmas, advent and even Star Wars!

We hope you find these helpful!

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We are super excited that Go Colour is here. We now have three books full of spaces for doodling, journaling, colouring and learning about God and prayer. They are available to buy online from Tuesday 22nd October when you click HERE!