Welcome to 11-14s


Hello and welcome to our 11-14s homepage!

Here you'll find all sorts of nifty bits and pieces to help inspire and equip you in your youthwork. Whatever your context and the kind of young people you work with- we've got your back covered.

You'll find links below to our resources, residentials and some additional partner resources too.

Rock Solid

Rock Solid

Rock Solid is our evangelistic resource that reaches out to 11-14s who don't follow Jesus in your community. Our heart is to encourage young people to explore questions of faith and we upload incredible new material each term.



Lumen is our discipleship resource for churched 11-14s to grow in their relationship with God and sharing faith with others.

Each term we produce new material that will take you right through your academic year on a range of topics. These topics can range from unpacking Bible books and applying that to our lives today, people in the Bible, social media, YouTube, money, looking at who God is and all sorts of other fun and relevant themes!


11-14 residentials

Residentials are amazing weekends away that you can bring your young people to! We think they are brilliant and host different weekends throughout the year for both churched and unchurched young people. 

Additional Resources

11-14 additional

As well as our termly resources, we love to partner with other organisations to help produce amazing resources for churches. Check out the additional resources we have!