14-18s Additional Resources

14-18 additional

We love to partner with other exceptional youth organisations to help create brilliant material for churches. Check out some other brilliant resources for 14-18s from Youth for Christ and our partner organisations.

Welcome to our additional resources! Looking for something for your 14-18s? Check out the resources below!

Good News Bible: Youth Edition


Youth for Christ and the Bible Society have teamed up to create a truly unique, award-winning Bible that meets the needs of young people today by connecting directly to their world.

How to Help

how to help

Helping each other is such a simple and yet profound concept and activity, and can not only be transformational for the person we set out to help, but it can also develop and grow us as we selflessly give to others. Click to find FREE downloadable printable PDF’s designed to help us… well, help!

Youth Updates

youth updates

Exploring the digital world, trends, language, pop culture, issues, faith & spirituality and hot topics; each drop gives you a snapshot into 3 areas of youth culture designed to raise awareness and inspire you for your context. Listen to each podcast and never miss a beat by subscribing or to get a quick glimpse why not read the blog under each podcast. From us to you – we present Youth Updates!


Intro Outro

Intro Outro

Welcome 'Intro Outro' - a brand new YouTube channel just for young people! The aim of Intro Outro is to introduce young people to Jesus and encourage them to live it out.  We think this will be a great resource for you and the young people you work with so why not check it out, take a watch and subscribe?

Click this link to head straight to the YouTube channel!




SYNC is an innovative resource to inspire and equip young people to put God on display everyday. It is designed to help young people share their faith with their mates.

There are two sides to SYNC. One for young people and one for youth workers: Young people will find a top notch series of YouTube videos, whilst youth workers will find session plans and other nifty bits to help them introduce SYNC to their young people.

Youth Alpha


Alpha is an incredible way of helping young people explore the meaning of life. Involving food, fun, discussion and fast moving talky bits, we highly recommend Alpha for young people alongside Rock Solid, Lumen or Mettle, and now with the new film series, it's never been easier to get involved.

Alpha is highly adaptable and can be used as part of your ongoing Youth for Christ resources group, in a church context, in schools or colleges, in a coffee shop or cinema!



Kleer enables young people to explore spirituality from a Christian perspective using creative multimedia. Each short creative Kleer series video is a blend of presentation, visual storytelling and spoken word poetry followed by thought provoking questions to facilitate learning with young people in any group setting.

Kleer series empowers young people to explore the idea that they are spiritual and how this discovery can transform an individual's perspective on their identity, purpose and faith. 

Young people will build positive relationships whilst learning how to engage with spiritual issues from their own unique starting point.

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ

Freedom in Christ goes really well alongside Lumen and Mettle and it tackles three major issues for Christian young people:

Identity: In a world that tells young people that they have to look and act a certain way to be loved, Freedom in Christ for Young People helps connect young people to God's mind blowing truth that they are his masterpiece and he loves them as his children.

Breaking free: It teaches young people how to turn away from the rubbish that holds them back and be set free by God's truth.

Responsibility: It encourages young people to take responsibility for their relationship with Jesus.

Mission Academy Live

Mission Acadmeny Live

Mission Academy Live is a series of 10 innovative video-based sessions, each one empowering young people as missional disciples within a small group context. With a focus on peer-to-peer evangelism, each session provides an understanding of today's contemporary context, with teaching, discussion, and testimony, all leading to a practical response. Through accountable relationships, this first-of-its-kind evangelism and discipleship tool encourages young people to be intentional, authentic, united and obedient to the call and command of Christ to be witnesses to show and share the love of God (Acts 1:8).