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Welcome to the 18-25s Homepage!

At Youth for Christ - we intentionally provide resources for 7-25s and not just teenagers. That's because sociologists have found that adolescence currently spans this age range - if not an even wider one! 

Stats from the evangelical alliance show that whilst 96% of church leaders view young adult outreach as top priority or equal top priority in their ministry - only 11% feel that they have the resources to equip them to reach this age group.  We want to help the church in the area where it feels so poorly under-resourced. So on this page you'll find some great tools to help engage and disciple young adults. Ethos is a free film series complete with small group questions on all sorts of topics. The year out is a phenomenal discipleship year for young adults and we have more incredible resources from partner organisations that you can check out too. Enjoy! 


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Ethos is a groundbreaking series of films for young adults .... and its free!! Produced by Youth for Christ between 2013-2017, Ethos covers a wide range of relevant topics for young adults. Here you'll find animations, spoken word pieces, music tracks and bible studies all aimed at helping reach and disciple young adults in your church.

The Year Out


Youth for Christ run an amazing discipleship year for 17-25s. If you're interested (and why wouldn't you be) check it out here 

Additional Resources

additional resources

Check out some other brilliant resources for 18-25s from Youth for Christ and our partner organisations.