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Alongside our online resource 'Go' which updates every term, we have a number of other resources that we have created that you can explore below.

GO Colour

go colour

We at Youth for Christ are about seeing young people’s lives changed by Jesus. We are also passionate about Creativity and Innovation.

We believe Go Colour is a perfect combination of all of these passions, with a selection of pray-dling (prayer doodling) books, posters, Christmas cards and more!

Good News Bible: Family Edition

Families Bible

Following in the footsteps of the Good News Bible – Youth Edition, Youth for Christ and the Bible Society have teamed up again to create another innovative Bible that enables families to explore faith together.

How to Help

how to help

Helping each other is such a simple and yet profound concept and activity, and can not only be transformational for the person we set out to help, but it can also develop and grow us as we selflessly give to others. Click to find FREE downloadable printable PDF’s designed to help us… well, help!

Youth For Christ Shop

books on shelf

We have a back catalogue of book based resources that contain whole sessions as well as a whole load of scripts of Bible stories. We also have a number of downloadable resources also including scripts for Bible stories alongside puppet scripts and videos. These can all be accessed by visiting the Youth for Christ online shop.