We want this website to function like an extra youth and children's worker in your team. There are loads of exceptional resources and ideas here to help you reach and disciple 7-25s in your community so please feel free to search around. You can sign up for a free 6 week trial to all our resources, or why not consider a full subscription?! If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Here are some FAQs we tend to get asked. If you have any other questions that aren't featured here - please get in touch with us!

I'm having problems logging in
First of all, try re-entering your password. Remember, this is case-sensitive, so make sure you’re careful about how you type it. If that doesn’t work, click login, then 'Request new password'.
It’s possible that your account has been cancelled. If you think that might be the case, please call the YFC Resources team on 0121 502 9620.

I have a great idea for a module/session
That’s great! You can already add your own modules to a session, using the session builder function. You also have the option of making these modules available to everyone who uses this site.

How do I manage my account?
Select 'my account' on the sidebar menu. On the 'my account' homepage you should find both the option to manage your account details and also your contact preferences.

What else can Youth for Christ offer me?
As well as providing termly youth group materials, we also provide ongoing support for your youth group at the end of a phone, residential weekends that you can plug into as well as training videos on our training wall and regular blog posts. Wider Youth for Christ also do loads of brilliant things such as touring teams and training events. You can find out more on the 'more info page' or you can go straight to to find out more.

How to I unsubscribe?
If you're thinking of unsubscribing from your account then please call us on 0121 5029620 to speak to one of the team.

Can members of my team get accounts too?
Absolutely. We want your whole youth team to be able to share the resource material easily. If you want other members of your team to use this website independently, but also to share your account, please contact us. We will provide you with a special code to make this happen. You can also share sessions with other users in your team!

How do I pay for a subscription?
Go to the pricing page of 'my account' where you can select the resources you would like to sign up for. The sign up journey will take you to gocardless but if you would like to set up an alternative method of payment please do contact us.

How does a free trial work?
You can sign up for a free trial that will grant you 6 weeks full access to the site. After this 6 weeks you will still have access to the site but only to a small number of the resources and not the session builder.

Can I switch my subscription to another resource? 

You totally can! If you think that your group could use something a little deeper, or a little more evangelistic, then just drop us an email and we can switch you across to a resource that suits where your group is at!