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Every family is different. They all work in different ways, do different things and engage with faith in totally different ways.

We are passionate about helping families to 'do faith' in a way that is normal, fun and part of an everyday routine. The way that will work will be totally different for every family and we want to try to help you find the routine and the ways that you can make it work.

We are constantly working on developing new resources and new ways to help you to be a faith filled house hold and make your faith an integral part of your every day whether you have toddlers, teenagers or children that have moved away (even if you don't actually have any kids of your own!)

The All-In Thing

girl in field

We think that it's really important to do things together, but in churches, we often have big bits of time where people are in separate rooms, doing different things. This is our incredible resource that is designed to equip and prepare churches to lead times of worship when everyone is all-in together.