The All-In Thing

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A fantastic resource to equip your church to lead worship when everyone is all-in together.

The idea of The All-In Thing is to help people create worship experiences that actually work for times when the whole church is 'All-In' together in a service.

The whole premise for All-In Worship is to take into consideration the massive variety of people with such a variety of needs we have in our churches (regardless of age) and facilitate their worship by making things accessible and inclusive for all.

A subscription to the All-In Thing is just £20 and gives you access to all of our service plans covering a large range of themes. Service plans include scripts for Bible Stories and Puppets, Creative worship and prayer ideas as well as craft, activities and loads of ideas for our exciting All-In Sync times. We have a whole load of sessions already online for you to use in your times of being all-in together at church.

If you have a subscription, you will be able to click on the link below to visit the page that contains all of the services. If you're not subscribed, you can visit our pricing page and grab yourself a subscription from there.

To view all the amazing content in this resource - sign up for a free trial or sign up for full access! 

Youth for Christ Shop

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The All-In thing originally existed as a book and CD that contained 10 ready-to-use service plans. If you like having a hard copy or want to explore some more ideas for your All-In services, then you can head over the the Youth for Christ shop and buy a bundle of the book and CD there.