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How To Help

Helping each other is such a simple and yet profound concept and activity, and can not only be transformational for the person we set out to help, but it can also develop and grow us as we selflessly give to others.

This is a page where you can find FREE downloadable printable PDF’s designed to help us… well, help! Below you’ll find a range of topics and within each you may find sheets for kids, young people and sometimes even for parents, leaders and families!

How To Help The Planet

The planet is our home and we have been tasked to look after it. This is what has inspired these ‘How To Help’ sheets, packed with interactions and creative ideas.

How To Be Healthy

We’ve got two fantastic downloadable PDFs for kids and young people on the theme of ‘how to be healthy’ – they’re interactive and jam-packed with helpful practical goodies to help young people and children engage with how to live their lives in a healthy way.

How To Help Friendships

Friendships are such an important part of life, which is why we’ve created these sheets for young people, children and grown-ups who have kids or young people in their lives! Click below to download them and look into how to build healthy relationships.

How To Help Confidence

We know that confidence is something that everyone deals with growing up, which is why we’ve created these sheets for young people, children and their grown-ups. Click the buttons below to download – we hope they serve you well!

How To Help Resilience

Resilience is the ability to face life’s challenges and bounce back. This sheet aims to help young people process what this looks like for them and gain some nifty tips and tricks along the way!

How To Help Hormones

Our latest how to help sheets are now available all around the ever-mysterious teenage brain! Each of us has been made wonderfully complex by God including all the chemicals in our brains that affect our mood and behaviour as young people. Find a sheet for young people to help them process this and there’s one for parents and leaders too.

How To Help Grief and Loss

This sheet focuses on grief and loss, developed in conjunction with At A Loss ( who believe in signposting the bereaved to support. These sheets aim to provide a useful resource around grief and bereavement. There are four sheets to best suit your needs; one for children, one for young people, one for families and one for grown-ups wanting to help a child or young person. Should you want to process this further, At A Loss have an interactive ‘Tough Stuff’ journal that you can find here.

How To Help Going To School

Going back to school or starting a new school is a big thing and bring up all kinds of emotions. These sheets are designed to help navigate this annual moment of transition!

How To Help Anxiety

This sheet aims to help young people unpack what anxiety is and begin to think about their concerns and what they can do about it.