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Finding Your Way Around The Site: The Basics

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Using Our Session Builder And Search

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Navigating ‘My Hub’

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is new material added?
New material is added termly, though you are welcome to use our search function to find sessions on multiple topics!
Do I have to follow the term curriculum?
The term curriculum has been designed and crafted to suit the flow of the academic term taking into account key points in the calendar year. However, we recognise that every group is different and highly encourage you to curate the perfect curriculum for your group by using a mixture of the pre-determined curriculum and sessions found via our search.
How do I search for sessions and activities?
You can search both sessions and modules within our search/session builder page. You can search either by free-typing key words and topics, or you can use the filters to narrow down what you can see.
What is an archived session?
We regularly update the content on our site and produce new sessions every term. There is also a back catalogue of sessions which are still relevant and can be used off the shelf. Our archived sessions contain some great content but some of it was written some time ago and may not be as relevant to your group.
How do I use the session builder?

Check out the video tutorial above on how to use the session builder to customise your own bespoke youth session.

How do I create a team account?

You can add members to a paying (admin) account through the ‘My Team’ page in ‘My Hub’. Add their name and e-mail and then they’ll be sent login details to access our resources!

How do I upgrade to more resources?

We love that you want to upgrade! You can explore upgrading your account here.

How do I cancel/change my subscription?

To cancel or change your subscription (such as reducing the number you have access to), head to our ‘Contact’ page and get in touch! 

What do I do if something isn't working properly?

Thanks for noticing that our site isn’t working properly. We are really sorry about this and would love to resolve this as soon as possible. To help us get to the bottom of what’s wrong, please contact the team and let us know what has happened.