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Welcome to our website - we are so pleased that you are here. Our heart is to help every church reach every young person in their community and our desire for this website is for it to be the most complete tool possible to help you in your children's and youth work. This page exists to help you make sense and make the most out of this website, so why not check this video out to get an overview of our resources and to help you find your way around our website?

Our Resources!

On this site you will find all of our excellent resources. Each of these resources contain loads of fantastic sessions that you can run week in week out with your young people. We have resources spanning 7-25s that are both evangelistic and discipleship in nature. 

Each term we upload new material for Go, Rock Solid, Lumen and Mettle but you can also find sessions using searches, recommended tabs and more! If you fancy a helping hand finding your way around our resource homepages, we've got a video right here just for you!

The masterplan for our curriculum

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We are passionate about discipling young people really well, so our content is intentional and strategic. We want to make sure that by the time your young people leave your youth ministry they have been equipped with the tools to follow Jesus closely in their context. For that reason, each academic year we teach on these six topics in creative and varied ways to ensure that they have a strong frame work to their faith.

Therefore most of the sessions you will find on this site fall under one of 6 key teaching themes which we repeat every year. They are:

Jesus Centred
Jesus is the author and perfecter of our faith. We create sessions every year on his life, actions and teachings.

Connecting with God
This is all about helping young people on their daily walk with God. These are sessions on prayer, studying the Bible and loads of other brilliant spiritual disciplines.

Living Wisely
Growing up is hard! This Key teaching theme is all around how to make good, Godly choices in the main challenging and grey areas of life.

Be it with family, with friends or with partners, we all need help in how to build and show Jesus through all of our relationships with others.

Giving and Serving
We all have ways that we can bless our communities and the world around us. This Key teaching theme helps us learn to live a life of generosity.

Sharing the Gospel
There's no higher privilege than introducing other people to Jesus. We create loads of sessions to help people share their faith with others!

A Resource That Fits Just Like Your Favourite Glove

We recognise that youth work is contextual and will look different for every single one of our subscribers. And so, this website allows you to produce, customise and download all the material you need to run a great youth session in your own context.

Within each of our sessions, we create far more material than you will need so that you can choose the bits you want. The ‘Session builder’ is a great tool that allows you to chop, change and adapt a session, ensuring you are planning perfectly for your group.

For more information on our session builder and how it works - watch this video!


Your Account (and all it’s lovely perks!)

Your main hub for your account lies under ‘My account’ which you can find on our side bar menu. To find out more about how this works and to get the most out of it, check out the nifty video to the right!

However, this website is just ONE of the many ways that want to bless the work that you do. Therefore when you sign up to this site you can have access to loads of other great benefits such as:

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We exist to serve you; so if there are any other ways we can help with the work you do - all you need to do is get in touch (find our details under ‘contact us’ on the sidebar!)