Frames is our fantastic resource for reaching out to non-churched 14-18s. 

We're so glad you've landed on the Frames page! 

Frames is our outreach resource for engaging with non-churched 14-18s. Centred around videos and discussion, each Frames session gives you several different options and ideas when it comes to connecting with young people in your community. Whether you choose to use each module, or just use ice-breakers or use the videos as a discussion launchpad - Frames is yours to use as you wish.

Unlike our other resources, Frames is not re-generated each term but is intermittently updated instead. We hope you love Frames as much as we do!

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Below you will find a series of 12 sessions specially designed with a journey in mind that takes young people from thinking about the idea of God all the way through to the gospel, salvation and church. You might want to run the whole series or just pick a couple that you think will work best! 


We are super excited that Go Colour is here. We now have three books full of spaces for doodling, journaling, colouring and learning about God and prayer. They are available to buy online from Tuesday 22nd October when you click HERE!