A revolutionary resource for outreach and discipleship to 7-11s in your area.

Go is a resource that is designed to reach out to and disciple 7-11s. It is made to help children learn about and be excited about having an engaging relationship with Jesus.

It is structured around our six teaching principles, to give children in your groups the tools they need to have a well rounded and healthy faith. These principles are giving and serving, relationships, living wisely, sharing the Gospel, connecting with God and Jesus centred.

On this page you will find sessions that are created to equip you and help your children's work be the best that it can be. You can see the current material under the 'this term' tab, browse sessions by clicking 'browse' or click on 'recommended' to see our top choices. You can also head over to the 'search' tab to find something specific.

Each session is made up of a whole load of modules that can be customised and edited to suit the specific needs of your group and setting. The sessions are filled with games, craft, activities, film clips, Bible stories, worship times and activities to help the children in your group to explore the theme. To help you as well, we have highlighted a few 'core' modules in each session that we really like and recommend that you use.

This Term in Go


This is the Spring 2020 Term for Go Resources! This term we are going to be exploring the key teaching themes of Jesus Centred and Relationships. As we look at relationships, we will be exploring sessions about Loving your enemies, loving yourself and Honouring your Mother and Father. In the second half of the term we will focus on Jesus. We’ll be doing that through a series f session looking at some key points in Jesus’ Ministry. We’ll be looking at Palm Sunday, The Sermon on the Mount and the Last Supper. In this term, we will also be looking at a couple of slightly different sessions as we explore the themes through the medium of a GO Colour Page. Both of these sessions have a colouring page that explores the theme which is designed to be used throughout the session so that the children can discuss and engage in the material at the same time as colouring.

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