Lumen is our discipleship resource for churched 11-14s to grow in their relationship with God and sharing faith with others.

Each term we produce new material that will take you right through your academic year on a range of topics. These topics can range from unpacking Bible books and applying that to our lives today, people in the Bible, social media, YouTube, money, looking at who God is and all sorts of other fun and relevant themes!

Hello and welcome to Lumen!

Lumen is our discipleship resource for 11-14s. It is aimed at young people who are already in Church and have a faith in Jesus. Our hope is that young people would grow in their relationship with God and be empowered to share their faith with their peers. 

It is based around 6 key teaching themes that we cover throughout the academic year. These key teaching themes are living wisely, relationships, giving and serving, connecting with God, Jesus centred and sharing the Gospel.

Each session is made up of modules and you can be as flexible as you want, using all the modules or just using those that you have time for. You can also chop and change and personalise each session to make it suit your youth group! Sessions include games, activities, discussions, videos, creative responses and much more! We also highlight 3 or 4 core modules per session that we suggest you include if you have limited time for your session.

We hope you and your young people enjoy the sessions!

This term in Lumen


Welcome to the Spring sessions for Lumen this term! We are doing a series called Life Hacks, thinking about topics such as forgiveness, new rules, stillness and attitude. We have an Apologetics session talking about when life sucks and what we can try and understand about God and tough situations. We have a 4 part series called Go Viral which focuses on what it means to subscribe to following Jesus and then how we could share our faith so that it goes viral and then an Easteriffic session to celebrate Easter! Have a great term! 


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