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Resourcing your church to see young people’s lives changed by Jesus.

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The thing is, youth ministry is a tough gig. You’ve got sessions to plan, church commitments to fulfil, communication with volunteers, your own spiritual well-being, limited time and loads of other stuff to think about. But we believe in the beauty and power of the local church, and that God uses faithful people like you, serving in their local context, one young person at a time.

With all this in mind, we think we might have a few tricks up our sleeve to make your life a bit easier:

We’ve created a quick and easy way for you to prepare complete youth sessions. We have a ton of quality content at your fingertips that’s Biblically sound, relevant, engaging and adaptable to your unique context.

 our all-in-one youth session solution!

What is included:

A termly curriculum of your chosen resources based around 6 key teaching themes 

Full access to our session builder

Team area for 5+ users

A searchable library of hundreds of sessions and activities

Easy to navigate members area

Customisable, downloadable and printable templates

BONUS: seasonal and special themed sessions to cover key dates in the calendar


Resources for your
work with ages 7-11

Go helps children to learn and be excited about having an engaging relationship with Jesus.


Resources for your
evangelism work with ages 11-18

The heart of Rock Solid is to see faith explored by young people who don’t follow Jesus.


Resources for your
discipleship work with ages 11-18

Lumen helps young people grow in their relationship with God and share their faith with their peers.

When you subscribe, you get access to the termly curriculum of your chosen resource, our incredible session builder where you can search through hundreds of sessions and activities, and the subscriber area we call My Hub, where you can add your team members.

Across the year we cover 6 key teaching themes, structured to hit every aspect of what it means to discover the gospel and grow – wherever someone is at on their journey of faith. You’ll always have enough sessions for the current school term, each session is designed to include a variety of components: Biblical teaching, a group game and activity, video content, prompts to chat, reflect, create, and a challenge for your young people to take away into the week.

If you prefer a pick’n’mix over a set menu, our session builder enables you to search and select from our massive catalogue, adding and adapting different components to reflect the needs and size of your youth group. You can even add your own unique activities. We know that the session builder can save you precious time, enabling you to put together a session in less than 20 minutes!

Ever dreamed of cloning yourself to give yourself more time? Well we may have the next best thing in our team members area. It will allow you to co-edit and easily share material with the team members and volunteers you invite.

Sounds good, right?


“We love the Lumen resources, thank you!” – Anna

“These resources are fantastic, so useful for busy volunteers who need something they can just use” – Jamie

“Thank you so much for the resources you have put out. Our young people are really enjoying them and my team find them easy to follow. What a blessing, thanks for the time and effort you’ve put into the material in order to see kingdom come in the lives of young people.” – Shona


Frequently Asked Questions

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How often is new material added?

New material is added termly, though you are welcome to use our search function to find sessions on multiple topics!

Do I have to follow the term curriculum?

The term curriculum has been designed and crafted to suit the flow of the academic term, taking into account key points in the calendar year. However, we recognise that every group is different and highly encourage you to curate the perfect curriculum for your group by using a mixture of the pre-determined curriculum and sessions found via our search.

What are the six key teaching themes?

Our six key teaching themes are six areas of focus that our termly resources rotate through in an academic year, ensuring that young people and children get a well-rounded faith curriculum. The themes are giving and serving, Jesus centred, connecting with God, living wisely, relationships and sharing the gospel. There are also additional sessions that don’t fit into any of these categories.

What are the different resources available to choose from?

Go is our discipleship resource for 7-11s, whilst Lumen is our discipleship resource for 11-18s. Both have a heart to see young people go deeper in their faith and pro-actively living it out. Meanwhile, Rock Solid is our evangelistic resource for young people designed to tackle topics from a faith-based angle in an accessible way!

What happens at the end of a free trial?

At the end of your thirty day trial, your account will remain active but you will no longer be able to access our resources. If you would like to subscribe to one of our resources, you can do that by heading to the payment page in ‘My Hub’.

Can I create a team account?

Yes! You can connect members of your childrens/youth team to your paying account so that you can access and share sessions. You can add team members once you subscribe!


Our team consists of youth work experts, evangelists and speakers with decades of collective youth work experience. Every year we lead seminars and youth venues at some of the biggest Christian festivals in the UK, such as Spring Harvest, Limitless Fest, DTI and previously Soul Survivor. We’ve also run residentials and stand-alone events across the wider church network, so we understand how things may vary across different denominations.

We are currently engaged in weekly youth work in our local church context and provide support across our network of 60+ local centres. Our work has been recognised by multiple Christian media outlets, including an award for producing the Best-Selling Youth Bible for 2019 and Bible of the Year for our Families Bible in 2022. But the main thing is, we want your youth ministry to be as epic as possible, so we’re confident that our tools will make the difference. We’ve helped resource hundreds of youth leaders for decades across the UK. We’d love to do the same for you.


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Printable interactive sheets for children, young people and their grown-ups to help navigate life.

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Need to speak to a member of our team? Send us a message using this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please bear in mind that we are a small team with big dreams to help youth leaders all around Britain.