Our spring 2020 material is live!!!

Hey Everyone. Hope you are doing excellently in this festive period. We are so excited to tell you that our Spring 2020 Resources for Go, Rock Solid, Lumen and Mettle are live! Go to the resource home pages to find discover what we have. Don't panic if you are still running resources from the Autumn 2019 period, you can still search for them on the resource home pages. We hope this new series of resources are a massive blessing to you!

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We want this website to function like an extra youth and children's worker in your team. There are loads of exceptional resources and ideas here to help you reach and disciple 7-25s in your community so please feel free to search around. You can sign up for a free 6 week trial to all our resources, or why not consider a full subscription?! If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to get in touch!



We have a whole load of amazing tools and resources to help you reach out to and disciple 7-11s in your community.



We want to equip you to reach out to and disciple 11-14s in your community and church. We have a load of resources here to help you.



Our hope is that these resources for 14-18s will deepen their relationship with God and inspire them to share Jesus with others. 



Check out the brilliant resources we have available to help you reach and disciple young adults.



We love families and want to equip families to do life and do faith together as part of their every day lives.



We have a bunch of phenomenal resources, videos and blogs to help you as you serve your young people!

Our Resources

We produce fantastic resources, both evangelistic and discipleship focused. Check out our all our resources below!



A revolutionary resource for outreach and discipleship to 7-11s in your area.

Rock Solid

Rock Solid

Rock Solid is our evangelistic resource that reaches out to 11-14s who don't follow Jesus in your community.



Lumen is our discipleship resource for churched 11-14s to grow in their relationship with God and sharing faith with others.



Frames is our fantastic resource for reaching out to non-churched 14-18s. 



A revolutionary resource for 14-18s that focuses on discipleship and sharing faith in Jesus. 

All In

All in

A fantastic resource to equip your church to lead worship when everyone is all-in together.